How the process of film distribution is evolving digitally?

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Vidya Balan had so rightly said in the movie ‘Dirty Picture’ that it is solely because of one factor that a movie is declared a hit and that is – Entertainment. But, even the glitz and glamorous world of Bollywood has to go through a grinding process. Before a film is made, a lot of thought is put into it, from the script to the actors to the post production; everything needs to be taken care of. The whole process of film-making is pretty tedious, but the world after that is like the sun that makes the day beautiful. Film distribution is one aspect of film-making where a film is made available to the audience. And after a film is distributed, it finds its fate, which either makes it, a hit or a flop.

Content is King:

However, there is a formula for guaranteed success, which lies in the hand of film distribution companies. They are the key players when it comes to distributing films across various platforms. There are various platforms where a movie is streamed, in theatres, through DVDs and nowadays on the digital world. But, the success of a film depends on content as nothing is bigger than that, not the stars, not the locations, not even the director because content is king. If your content is strong and has a wide appeal among the audience, then your film will sail through smoothly, even when the tides are low.

New-age promotion:

Promotion of a film also plays a major role in deciding the destiny of a film. With the emergence of social media, actors and directors aren’t ashamed or vulnerable to share with the audience some amazing moments of their shoot. The more engaging a social media post of an actor’s page; the more chances are of the movie drawing a good audience. Therefore, every step of an actor on a social media platform counts; sometimes it can even get a backlash from an audience.

The coming of the digital world:

But it is always better to approach a movie distribution company that can draft a proper plan for a movie. Film distribution in India is going through many transformations after the digital world has its wing spread out. Theatres are of course the main medium where movies are showcased, but the digital world is the one to lookout for. Film distributors are seeing a lot of potential in the digital world as the viewership is much larger compared to theatres. There are independent film directors, who are willing to explore the digital world as they believe the online platform is made to capture the world.

The era of short-films is trending nowadays and big stars from the film fraternity are finding their ways into these films as they believe, the content is unique and yet experimental. Distributors truly understand that Bollywood too is going through a transition phase. Big banners too have realized the importance of the digital world and its impact on consumers as well as profits. Trailers, songs and best moments are being released online for the first time. Old traditional methods of distributing a film is being ignored by distributors and new and innovative methods are being adopted.

Film distribution is therefore a vital ingredient in the art of film-making. It is because of a distributor, a film finds its true audience. Some film distributors even sign deals with new-age directors, who are struggling to release their films in their own nation. A film distributor comes as a ray of light for such film-makers, who release the film at international film festivals. Hence, film distribution is a crucial part in the process of film-making.

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