How an independent film distributor is vital in the movie business

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If the Bollywood film industry didn’t exist; fidget spinners would have taken a lot of our time. God certainly blessed us with amazing Bollywood movies that inspire and encourage us in many ways and not to forget how they entertained us. The audience just can’t get enough of movies as every year thousands of movies are released; some are tagged as hits, while others lay at the bottom, remorseful of a fateful flop. Hence, it is vital for a film to do well across India and maybe around the world. There are many factors that decide the destiny of a movie; however, one key player in the movie business is a film distributor.

What a film distributor does

A film distributor is like an angel in disguise, who acquires film rights from production houses and studios. He is like a one man army, who goes all guns blazing out to reach a maximum audience. We use these idioms for a distributor because, they have their hands dipped in all the sections to ensure a film’s success. Without a good distributor, your film might not reach its final destination and may struggle a lot. Therefore, it is crucial for the well being of a film to have a movie distributor, who is well aware of the market, has full-proof knowledge of his work and most important is open to experiment and take risks.

Distributor is a man of stats

A man with a plan, that’s what a distributor is. Before taking on a project, he studies his subject well, knows its history and understands the content of the film. He then holds a meeting with the production house or the producer and together they discuss on the budget and how they can distribute the film. Often a distributor is the risk taker, who comes up with unique concepts to promote a movie. He also engages in vital meetings with the exhibitor and charts a plan on how they will run the shows across multiplexes and single theatres.

Hail to social media

In the Hindi film industry, the demand for independent film distributors is on an all time high. Movie producers tend to trust them more as they are likely to bring out results. Also, movie promotions are important for the film to grow to a wider audience. A distributor can collaborate with other technicians involved in the art of film-making and can draw a proper plan to promote a movie. Suppose, if the star-cast is not a crowd-puller but the content is strong, a film distributor can do wonders in the promotion. Nowadays, everyone is hooked onto social media and it has become a morning ritual to check updates before sipping the morning tea. A digital platform is a paradise for new-age distributors filled with limitless opportunities, he can clearly chalk out a promotion campaign for a film with the help of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and draw attention.

Depend on a film distributor

People think a movie’s success depends either on actors or the script; this may be true up to a certain extent. However, if you depend on a bankable distributor then success is a guarantee. A film distributor’s main job is to make sure the film reaches its target audience. Therefore, without a distributor, a film cannot perform well and may have many shortcomings. It is advisable to hire a film distributor, who has ample amount of experience how the film industry works and what ingredients are necessary for a film to succeed.

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