The many benefits of Video on Demand Services

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The control is in the hands of the consumers, with the rise of VOD in India. People no longer have to wait for weeks or months for their favourite movie to be screened. Things are fast evolving for the betterment of the people. They can choose to watch movies and TV shows from the comfort of their home at their own convenient time. Unlike our ancestors who had a tough time in the past as the concept of VOD movies didn’t exist and they had to make a lot of sacrifices in order to adjust life according to their TV.

Video on Demand is definitely a boon or might we add a blessing in disguise. It has revolutionized the manner in which video is viewed. VOD services are trending nowadays as they have understood consumer behavior and people are giving a ditch to the boring cable TV and embracing online streaming services. The rise of Video on Demand has many benefits. Here are some of the reaping benefits.

Convenience – The current scenario favors people who eat, sleep and breathe movies. The VOD streaming services are dominating as people can choose to watch trending movies, whenever they want and wherever they want. There are many drawbacks of traditional TV operators as they offer no choice and no one can get away from it, but Video on Demand services doesn’t play the surrender card for the consumer. Also, it allows you to unsubscribe to their services with the click of a button, therefore it is a win-win situation for the consumer.  Also, you can subscribe to many VOD services at a time since all these different subscriptions put together may still cost you lower than a cable / satellite TV bill which keeps incrementing every year.

The traditional TV model offers fewer choices, although effort is there to make sure TV viewing gets interesting, but people still prefer online stream videos as there is a lot of variety and the content is inclined towards international content, which keeps the viewers glued.

Connectivity  In today’s times, technology is a key player in transforming things and making lives simpler. Video on demand movies and TV shows require high-speed broadband internet connection and a PC or a Smartphone. VOD services have certainly made people’s lives easy. The traditional TV operator is nowhere near to streaming videos.

Cost – Cable TV operators restrict you content wise and also proof to be expensive compared to video on demand services. Whereas, on demand services offer packages that suit your budget, plus at times there are various discounts too. Therefore, people choose video on demand services over traditional cable TV.

Variety – It is a paradise for online consumers as they get to see a wide variety of content that is filtered by genre, language and many sub-filters are added too. Also, another added advantage is that video on demand services believe in showing the content as it is, even the content that is tagged as for mature audience is delivered to the consumers, without any censoring of content. Cable TV prohibits its viewers from viewing certain content, taking away the viewers freedom.

But video on demand service providers sometimes approach producers of movies or TV shows and buy VOD rights from them. After they buy the rights, they make those movies accessible to the audience without any cuts. Thus, sometimes, the movies that can’t be showcased on Cable TV can be seen online through streaming services.

Therefore, video on demand services is the preferred choice of many consumers as it offers variety of content.

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