Film Details

Ham Sab Chor Hain

Year Of Release: 1956
Category: Film
Genre: Drama
Language: Hindi
Director: I. S. Johar
Music Director: O.p. Nayyar
Star Cast: Shammi Kapoor, Ameeta, Nalini Jaywant, Pran, I.s. Johar
Dialogue: Ramma Johar
Color: Color

Dhirajmal (Badri Prasad) has twin daughters Kamla and Vimla (Nalini Jaywant) who are separated when they are very small. When they grow up Kamla gets married to Deepak (Pran) and Vimla becomes a thief and starts working with Karta Ram (I.S.Johar) and Dhartaram. She gets caught and after some time she manages to free herself. While she is running away from the police she meets Nath (Shammi Kapoor) and starts working with him at his theater. Vimla falls in love with Nath. Kamla's husband Deepak is not a good person so she runs away. He is on the lookout for her and while he searches for her he finds Vimla. He takes her home with her and tries to rape her. Inorder to save herself, Vimla kills him and gets arrested. Will she be able to free herself from the blame of Kamlas husband's murder? Will Dhirajmal be able to find his daughters?

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