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Year Of Release: 2007
Category: Film
Genre: Drama
Language: Hindi
Director: Bhavna Talwar
Star Cast: Pankaj Kapur, Hrishitaa Bhatt, Supriya Pathak
Color: Color

The story is based in Benares and is about Pandit Chaturvedi (Pankaj Kapoor), a highly revered and learned Brahmin priest. A baby is abandoned by a woman and brought to his house by his daughter. He agrees to adopt the child due to requests from his wife (Supriya Pathak). Life takes a turn when the boy's mother returns: The family finds out that the boy is Muslim after they have become attached to him. The family gives back the boy to his mother. Chaturvedi engulfs himself in purification processes to cleanse his body, mind, and soul due to contact with a Muslim soul. By the time Chaturvedi thinks he is fully purified, the child reappears — seeking refuge, due to Hindu-Muslim riots. This is when Chaturvedi realizes that the true religion is humanity.

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