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Year Of Release: 2006
Category: Film
Genre: Drama
Language: Hindi
Producer: Shyam Bajaj, Narendra Bajaj
Director: Anant Mahadevan
Music Director: Himesh Reshammiya
Star Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Udita Goswami, Dino Morea
Color: Color

Ricky (Emraan Hashmi) is a leading fashion photographer, who carries his heart on his sleeve. He's an absolute womanizer. The film begins with Ricky getting a call from Sheena (Udita Goswami), who asks him to meet her in a gym. Once there, the two have a showdown since Ricky had used and dumped Sheena's friend Nisha (Tara Sharma). A heartbroken Nisha had even contemplated attempting suicide. Three years later, Ricky is about to hold an exhibition of his creations when a millionaire walks in and buys the entire lot even before the exhibition has begun. The millionaire, Rajveer aka Raj (Dino Morea), has a pre-condition: Ricky should make Raj's wife Sheena fall in love with him (Ricky). Ricky is perplexed, for he fails to understand why a husband would hire someone to have an affair with his wife. But Raj explains that he wants Sheena to divorce him and this would be possible only if she fell in love with another man. Ricky flies to London, where Raj and Sheena live in a splendid mansion, and starts playing his cards. After some setbacks Sheena and Ricky begin a relationship. The plan seems to be working perfect. Raj catches Ricky and Sheena in bed, but Sheena is unfazed and does not consider this to be an issue. she also refuses to divorce Raj and tells him she is intent on continuing with her relationship with Ricky: Raj is stunned; he feels his game plan has gone kaput. Realizing that Sheena wouldn't divorce him, Raj turns to Ricky, tells him to pack his bags and return to India. But now Ricky does a somersault. He's enjoying using a rich woman and staying in the lap of luxury. Raj is stunned again. It's a clear case of double crossing. Nisha attends a party in Raj's mansion. After the party is over, Nisha is crying outside claiming that she was raped by Ricky. The next morning, Sheena confronts and kills Ricky with a sword, cutting his face and by digging the sword through his chest. The cop investigates the murder and Sheena is the prime suspect. At the time when she was being arrested, Raj stands up and declares that he is the killer and he is taken to jail. When Sheena meets him in jail, he transfers all his property to her name. When the cop comes home with a stress ball which Raj had given to him, he was playing with it. Suddenly something falls and he discovers a camera which recorded the murder scene. Sheena is taken to jail and she transfers all her wealth to Raj's name. This masterstroke was fully planned by Raj. A few years ago, all cameras were removed from the base camp but Raj deliberately left this one. At the end, Raj is seen sitting in the car with Nisha, his love. He gives her the property papers as a token of his love. The cop stares at Raj and Nisha in car then Raj throws his Tension Ball at him and says,Aisa to aksar hota hai (This happens often).

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