Film Details

Aaj Ka Gunda Raj (Dubbed)

Year Of Release: 1992
Category: Film
Genre: Action
Language: Telugu
Producer: N. N. Sippy
Director: Ravi Raja
Music Director: Anand Milind
Star Cast: Chiranjeevi, Meenakshi Seshadri, Raj Babbar, Dalip Tahil , Satish Shah
Color: Color

Raja though being righteous, honest, tough -a daredevil and educated was unemployed young man.With no work on hand he squanders his time with his four friends. This naturally upsets his family members-his dadi and elder brothers Amar and Ravi who care and worry for him. Constantly troubled by lack of money the family had lots of problems. RaviÕs pending IAS examination was the core problem they were facing. To raise money for Ravi's examination, Raja and his friends in desperation take up a job. A job that entailed getting rid of a tenant who had illegally settled in a house. Raja had an easy time getting rid of Shalu. But from then on, Shalu creates hell for him and moves into his house and life permanently. Tejpal and Nagpal were power brokers. The duo i.e. Tejpal and Nagpal were very influential and intimidating. They succeed in getting Ritu married to Ravi, now an IAS officer, on the threshold of becoming a Collector. A perfect move thought the villains - Saxena's sister married to Raja's brother. Raja revolts but is cornered. He has many clashes with the duo. In one of these clashes Raja's friends and eldest brother Amar are murdered. All is lost until Raja and Ravi discover the truth about Tejpal and Nagpal. Raja and Ravi decide to end the Gundaraj. Things are looking up for Ravi, as he is looked upon favorably by the Government to be the next Collector of the region. Despite of his older brother's, Amar, untimely death, and younger brother, Raja, who is the black sheep of the family, Ravi is offered this position, and he and his family move to a palatial bungalow with a use of a car and chauffeur. Ravi also gets married to Ritu, the daughter of Supdt. of Police Saxena. After his marriage, Ritu and his family, which also consists of widowed sister-in-law, and grandmother, start to have misunderstandings, so much so that Ritu threatens to leave the house. At first Ravi blames Ritu, but when he witnesses a half-naked man come out of the room of his sister-in-law, he realizes that it is not entirely Ritu's fault. It is then Raja finds out that Amar did not meet with an accidental death but was murdered, and he sets upon to find the killers, and knows that his brother, Ravi, will not permit to let him take the law into his own hands, and will oppose him tooth and nail.

Sound Tracks
Title Singers Music Directors View Video Lyrics
Tota Mere Tota Mai To Teri Ho Gayi Sadhana Sargam, Anand and Milind, View Video View Lyrics
Its A Chalange Amit Kumar,Udit Narayan Jha, Anand and Milind, View Video View Lyrics
Lashkara Lashkara Mere Kangana Ka Lashkara Kumar Sanu,Alka Yagnik, Anand and Milind, View Video View Lyrics
Ek Papi De De Mujhe Sadhana Sargam,Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Anand and Milind, View Video View Lyrics