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Year Of Release: 1984
Category: Film
Genre: Action
Language: Hindi
Producer: Tony Walker
Director: Moni Bhattacharjee
Music Director: Kalyanji Anandji
Star Cast: Dharmendra, Johnny Walker, Waheeda Rehman
Color: Color
Censor Rating: U
Grade: A
Duration: 2:12:02

While on routine patrol duty in his jeep, D.S.P. Ajay comes across a vehicle that was driving over the speed limit, he chases it and forces it to a stop. The driver identifies herself as Elizabeth D'Silve, and both fall in love with each other. A few days later Ajay gets a phone call from her, asking him to come to her house as her uncle, S.J. D'Silva is seriously ill. When Ajay reaches there it is too late and he is pronounced dead. Subsequently, Ajay goes to the nearby Church to arrange for a priest, Gonsalves, pall-bearers, so that her uncle can be buried. Then a few days later, a man approaches the police asking for assistance in locating his missing son, Prakash. When told about this, Ajay looks at Prakash's photo and is shocked to see that it is none other than Mr. D'Silva. Ajay decides to investigate this matter thoroughly, and even places Elizabeth under suspicion. D'Silva's coffin is dug up, and is found empty. Then a male named Ramesh is knifed to death; followed by the strangulation of his wife, Maya; Ajay finds out that Father Gonsalves has been abducted and Elizabeth was seen driving away from Ramesh's house shortly after his death. Ajay places Elizabeth under arrest, not knowing that he himself is going to be the next target of an elusive and dangerous assailant, who will not stop killing until he/she gets his/her way.

Sound Tracks
Title Singers Music Directors View Video Lyrics
Dil Toota Roye Naina Asha Bhosle, Kalyanji Anandji, View Video View Lyrics
Pyar Ki Baaten Hamko Na Samjhao Asha Bhosle, Kalyanji Anandji, View Video View Lyrics
Ek Anar Do Bima Manna Dey, Kalyanji Anandji, View Video View Lyrics
Aa Mere Gale Lag Ja Lata Mangeshkar, Kalyanji Anandji, View Video View Lyrics
Tum Chahe Humko Pasand Na Karo Kishore Kumar,Suman Kalyanpur, Laxmikant-Pyarelal , View Video View Lyrics