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Year Of Release: 1986
Category: Film
Genre: Family
Language: Hindi
Producer: Nirmal Singh Mahli, Shamim Ahmed
Director: Ambrish Sanghal
Music Director: Usha Khanna
Star Cast: Nadeem, Raj Babbar, David, Sharmila Tagore, Shashi Kapoor
Color: Color
Censor Rating: U/A
Grade: B+
Duration: 1:54:08

Arun Khanna (Sashi Kapoor) a wealthy Indian settled in Canada comes to India and marries Shobha (Sharmila Tagore) an orphan and takes her back to Canada. However the culture shock for Shobha is too much and Arun finds her a social handicap. Both try to make the marriage a success, but inspite of that they find themselves drifting apart. A point comes where they can t stand each other and they separate, Shobha takes their son along and Arun retains the daughter. The son grows up to become Raju (Raj Babber) who hates his father and the girl grows up to become Pinky (Babita). One day a gang of ruthless killers who demand a heavy ransom kidnaps Pinky. Among the gangsters is Tony (Nadeem), a psychopath who falls in love with Pinky and Pinky cannot reciprocate as she is unable to do under the peculiar circumstances. Arun enlists the help of his estranged wife and son and the calamity brings them under one roof again. Raju in search of his sister meets Renu (Parveen Babi) an under-world informer who believes in double deals. After many dramatic events they realise that the kidnapping of heir daughter was after all a blessing to bring the family together once again.

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