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Chota Sipahi (The Little Soldier)

Year Of Release: 2004
Category: Film
Genre: Children Movie
Language: Hindi
Producer: Children's Film Society Of India
Director: A.s. Kanal ,jayashree Kanal
Star Cast: Om Bhutkar, Omkar Pawaskar
Color: Color
Censor Rating: U
Grade: A
Duration: 01:23:00

Joze is a young Goan boy growing up during the freedom movement of the state in the 60s. Though young and thus expected to remain ignorant of the political winds brewing all over, he becomes acutely aware of the grave injustice everywhere and the sacrifice made by those around him. This instills in him a sense of responsibility that becomes instrumental in saving many lives during a crucial military operation. The film won the child actor the award for the Best Child Artist at the 52nd National Film Awards in 2005.

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