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Year Of Release: 1952
Category: Film
Genre: Musical
Language: Hindi
Producer: Rajendra Jain
Director: Nitin Bose
Music Director: Naushad, Shakeel Badayuni
Star Cast: Ashok Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Tabassum.tun Tun
Story: Azm Bazidpuri
Color: Black And White
Censor Rating: U
Grade: A
Duration: 2:10:00

Shyamu (dilip kumar) and mala (nargis) are childhood friends but as fate would have it mala is rich and shyamu is poor malas father doesn’t approve their friendship and removes shyamu from his house shyamu meets with an accedent and becomes blind shyamu grows up with champa (nimmi) and her brother. After 4 years mala is now engaged to kishore (ashok kumar) who is a doctor. Shyamu has now become a street singer. Kishore & mala oneday listens shyamus song and is impressed by his songs. They become friends. Kishore decides to take him to mumbai and operate his eyes so that he could see. The operation is successful shyamu oneday says that his love is mala. Kishore is upset but still promises to introducet him to mala but also strikes a deal that shyamu should only meet kala and should not speak anything about their childhood bit slowly kishore realises that he cant win against shyamus love and decides to sacrifece. But the twist in the tale comes when shyamu learns that kishore is engaged to mala and mala also loves kishore shyamu now feels guilty of being selfish. What will he do now? Will he come in between mala and kishore or will he go back to champa who loves him? The climax of movie is the high point of movie.

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