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Year Of Release: 1967
Category: Film
Genre: Family
Language: Hindi
Producer: S. S. Wasan | S.s. Balan
Director: S. S. Vasan
Music Director: Ravi Shankar Sharma
Star Cast: Padmini, Rajesh Khanna
Color: Black And White
Censor Rating: U
Grade: B+
Duration: 2:34:12

This is the story of a hapless woman; the story of a woman’s sacrifice and her trials and tribulation of being born a woman. Thus Parvati, the eldest child of a poor family had to sacrifice her joyful youth in taking care of her ailing mother and her siblings, remain uneducated to get her brother to pursue his education and dream of becoming a doctor, shun her lover and marry a wealthy man, Manoharlal, father of six, who would take responsibility of her family. However when everything seemed settled, her brother Suresh falls in love with Manoharlal’s daughter Asha which results in Manoharlal cutting off the financial help to her family. However good samiritan comes in the form of Manoharlal’s estranged brother Ratanlal who along with Asha helps Suresh to take care of his family and complete his education, in the process Asha’s morality is suspected. How the clouds of suspicion get cleared and how it all ends for these two women makes for an interesting story, Aurat.

Sound Tracks
Title Singers Music Directors View Video Lyrics
Shola Ulfat Ka Asha Bhosle,Mohammad Rafi, Ravi, View Video View Lyrics
Soja Meri Ladli Lata Mangeshkar, Ravi, View Video View Lyrics
Woh Aurat Hai Jo Insanon Ki Shakeel Badayuni, Ravi, View Video View Lyrics
Yeh Kaun Hain Jiske Asha Bhosle,Mahendra Kapoor, Ravi, View Video View Lyrics
Hamein Unse Mohabbat Hai Asha Bhosle, Ravi, View Video View Lyrics