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Year Of Release: 1974
Genre: Action
Language: Hindi
Star Cast: Ravi Teja, Meera Jasmine
Color: Color

Badla is a story of innocence and revenge. Bhadra and Raja are college mates. Bhadra happens to see the photograph of Rajas sister Anu, studying in London and falls madly in love with her. He decides to marry only Anu. Raja goes to his native place for the vacation where his elder brother Surenderbhai lives with his family. Bhadra accompanies him and Anu also lands up there. They fall in love. Surenderbhai decides to conduct their marriage and organises a puja. Tulsi and Viranna, family enemies of Surenderbhai attack them at the puja and kill Surenderbhai, his wife and Raja. Bhadra kills Tulsi and escapes with Anu. Viranna brays for Bhadras blood and tries to trace them. Finally he finds them in Bangalore and sends out his goons to kill them. Did Bhadra kill Viranna? Or he gets killed? BADLA holds the answer.

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