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Year Of Release: 1996
Category: Film
Genre: Drama
Language: Hindi
Producer: Amit Khanna
Director: Aruna Raje
Music Director: Amit Khanna
Star Cast: Ashwini Bhave, Sridhar, Manohar Singh
Screenplay: Kamna Chandra
Color: Color
Duration: 02:25

Ragini is a blind, but talented young woman, well versed in all household chores, and a golden voice. She lives with her mother, Radha, who is anxious to get her married, to a point that she gets sick and is bed-ridden often; and her dad, Govind, a singer by profession. When a prospective groom's mother rejects Ragini because of her disability, Radha has a stroke and passes away, leaving a devastated Govind and Ragini to try and cope with life. Then when Govind travels to another town to negotiate with a suitable groom for his daughter, he tragically meets with an accident, and dies, leaving Ragini alone with her maid-servant and her maternal aunt. Then Rajan Swamy enters her life, and everything changes for her. They fall in love, and soon get married. They spend several days in absolute bliss, intimacy, and harmony, only taking breaks to eat some food. Then Rajan has to go away on business for about a week - out of town. Weeks pass by and Rajan does not return. Then Ragini finds out that her jewelery is missing. A visit to the bank shows that her bank account has been cleaned out, and all her investments cashed. Rajan's co-workers and Manager have filed a police complaint against him for embezzling cash. But Ragini continues to believe that this is all part of a big misunderstanding, and that Rajan will return and clarify everything. But will Rajan ever return. that is if he is still alive?

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