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Danga Fasaad

Year Of Release: 1990
Genre: Action
Language: Hindi
Director: Sunil Agnihotri
Star Cast: Jeet Upendra, Kashmira Shah, Ishrat Ali
Color: Color

DANGA FASAAD is the story of an unbreakable friendship and passion for revenge. Jai six-years-old is left alone on the streets of Mumbai when a local goon Khairnar kills his hungry parents after a scuffle, where Khairnar tried to attack the modesty of his mother. Years pass by and the child grows up in to a young man of 21. Jai has a friend, Raja, and the two together live in Dongar Basti absolutely dependant on the donations they collect from residents of Dongar Basti during festive occasion poojas, etc. On the other hand Khairnar is now a powerful man who wants to put up country liquor bar in the Dongar Basti. The tow boys Jai and Raja object to it and tension starts between Khairnar and the boys. Meanwhile a rich girl Tina enters Jai’s life raising objection from Raja who has bad experience with rich girls. The objection becomes a issue between friends and they part ways. Sensing the break-up, Khairnar employs Raja’s service to empty the Dongar Basti of its residents. He put one friend against the other to get his way out of the situation. Tension starts between Raja and Jai and to make it worse, Jai comes to know that Khairnar was the one who bumped of his parents. What happens thereafter is worth seeing then narrating.

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