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Garma Garam

Year Of Release: 2005
Category: Film
Genre: Adult
Language: Hindi
Producer: Vijay Kishan
Director: S.k. Prasad
Music Director: Dilip Sen
Star Cast: Mohan Joshi, Suchi Kumar
Color: Color
Censor Rating: A
Grade: C

Rahul and Neha are inseperable lovers, whereas Sapna and Vishal are incorrigible lovers. Rahul obtains the job of a drives in a rich business house and exercising his charm and style win the heart of Tania, the only pampereddaughter of Mr. Dewan unknown to Tania, Rahul starts cheating on her and fills the coffer of his beloved Neha and soon luck runs out and Rahul is caught red handed making love to Neha by his father in law. Mr. Dewan and before he could spill the beans he is brutally murdered by Rahul, but soon his wife Tania finds out about his misdeeds and is determined to punish him.

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