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Year Of Release: 2001
Category: Film
Genre: Adult
Language: Hindi
Producer: Harinam Singh
Director: Harinam Singh
Music Director: S. Prabhat
Star Cast: Anjali Kolhapuri, Mehnaz, Pooja
Color: Color
Censor Rating: U/A
Grade: B
Duration: 1:19:24

GUMNAM QATIL is horror, thriller and mystery combined into one. Ravishingly beautiful and young Anisha has come to leave in the bunglow with her equally beautiful friends. However very soon a friend of her’s gets killed followed by another. They finally find out that the girls who were killed were killed on a no moon night. The police is informed and told about the killings and their investigation leaves them baffling as the killer does not leave any tell tale marks, when the police learn about this unusual way that the girls were killed even they get tensed. The girls attempt to leave the place also comes to abrupt halts every time. Now the big question that the girls face is will they live through the next no moon night? Who will fall the next prey of this unknown killer on the next no moon night? Is it a spirit? Or is there a killer on the prowl? Find it out in GUMNAM QATIL.

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