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Year Of Release: 2004
Category: Film
Genre: Adult
Language: Hindi
Producer: Kanti Shah
Director: Kanti Shah
Music Director: Sawan Kumar Sawan
Star Cast: Imran, Sapna, Shakti Kapoor
Color: Color
Censor Rating: A
Grade: C

GARAM is the hot story of the warm desire of a girl, the hot emotions of a woman and the burning issue today in sexual compatibility. Bobby a young, hot, sexy girl was deeply in love with Rocky a young handsome and attractive youth. However Bobby was afraid of the fiery temper of her father and could never disclose to him her desire to marry Rocky. Thus, suppressing her love and desire and in keeping with the wishes of her father she got married to Rahul, a multimillionaire businessman, a friend and associate of her father. However her married life came crumbling down when she learned that Rahul was impotent and incapable to satisfy her sexual yearning. She had no one but herself to blame for her situation, and, in the heat of the moment she called back Rocky in her life, to get what Rahul could not provide. However she realized that Rocky was only interested in her money, he never loved her. So, hurt and hapless, she took shelter under Mr. Bajaj, another millionaire. She was just understand to enjoy her life with r. Bajaj when destiny played a cruel game with her and Mr. Bajaj got murdered. To add misery to her life, she was arrested for Bajaj’s murder. What happens next? Does her hot-tempered father come to her rescue? How does her husband Rahul react to this situation? To know the answers watch GARAM.

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