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Garma garam

Year Of Release: 2005
Genre: Adult
Language: Hindi
Star Cast: Kiran Kumar, Mohan Joshi
Color: Color

GARMA GARAM is an explicit story of how sex becomes the weapon in the hands of those who can use it menacingly. Rahul and Neha, though unmarried are inseparable lovers living life like a married couple. Meanwhile, Sapna a ravishing and sexy beauty who dreams of making it big in the world of fashion modeling is easy on her sexual relationship and has a casual sexual relationship with Vishal. In the process to hit it rich, Rahul takes the job of a driver in a rich business house and exercising his charm and style he wins the heart of Tania, the only pampered daughter of Mr. Dewan. The two get married with the Dewan’s blessings. However unknown to Tania, Rahul starts cheating on her and fills the coffer of his beloved Neha. However soon luck runs out on Rahul and he is caught red-handed making love to Neha by his Father-in-Law Mr. Dewan. However before the Dewan could spill beans he is brutally murdered by Rahul. Sapna on other hand comes to Mumbai to participate in a beauty pageant organised by Rahul. After being rejected, she challenges Rahul that she will win the coveted rewards and awards no matter what means she has to take to achieve this. Sapna lures Tania to her sexually developing a lesbian relationships with her. She then photographs Tania in compromising positions, armed with these erotic photographs of herself and his wife Tania, Sapna tries to blackmail Rahul. But shrewd crook Rahul, converts his weakness to strength. How?

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