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Year Of Release: 2010
Category: Film
Genre: Crime
Language: Hindi
Producer: Dr Romen Kumar Jha
Director: Sushil Rajpal
Music Director: Bapi Tutul
Star Cast: Raj Singh Chaudhary, Swati Sen , Vinay Pathak, Akhilendra Mishra
Color: Color

Raghubir (Raj Singh Chaudhary) is a small town boy, living with his girlfriend in Delhi, hoping to fulfill his dad's (Vinay Pathak) dream of qualifying for the civil services some day. An IAS officer as a son is a sure-shot ticket for social ascent, according to dad Pathak, who has the rosy future of his son neatly planned out. But things go awry when the son lays bare his own plans, walks out of the house in a huff when dad refuses to accept the love of his life and is kidnapped by a family that has been desperately eyeing him as a suitable groom for their own daughter. Does Raghubir manage to escape the forced detention and the marriage of coercion....

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