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Johar in Bombay

Format1: DVD
Year Of Release: 1967
Category: Film
Genre: Comedy
Language: Hindi
Producer: C.M. Thakkar
Director: Shantilal Soni
Music Director: Usha Khanna
Star Cast: I.S. Johar, Sonia Sahni, Rajendra Nath , Madan Puri, K. N. Singh
Color: Color
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Saraswati Devi (Jeevankala) owned an antique shop which was looked after by Gullu (Rajendranath), her brother and Rajesh (I S Johar) his best friend. Rajesh used to dream of Nalini (Sonia Sahani) who was a stage performer. Being lazy Rajesh & Gullu did not take proper care of the shop. One day she asked Rajesh to take clean the shop. While clearing the lamp, a jinn emerged from it and volunteered to clean the shop for him. The mystery of the jinn slowly opened before Rajesh and Gullu and with its help, they were able to save some traitors from making chemicals in the laboratory with which they wanted to destroy the nation.
Sound Tracks
Title Type Singers Music Directors View Video Lyrics
Bachpan Ki Hasin Manzil Se Hit Usha Mangeshkar,Manna Dey, Usha Khanna, View Video View Lyrics
Meri Pyari Pyari Surat Ko Hit Mahendra Kapoor, Usha Khanna, View Video View Lyrics
Ruth Ke Jane Wali Sun Hit Mohammad Rafi, Usha Khanna, View Video View Lyrics