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Bhoot Bungla

Format1: DVD
Year Of Release: 1965
Category: Film
Genre: Comedy
Language: Hindi
Producer: Usman Ali
Director: Mehmood Ali
Star Cast: Mehmood Ali Khan , Mohan Choti, Nana Palsikar, Nasir Husain, Tanuja
Screenplay: Ranjan Bose
Color: Black And White
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Kundanlal was murdered and his wife and child vanished on a dark night, at the haunted bungalow surrounded by a jungle in the outskirts of Bombay. Fifty years later, three brothers, Kundanlal's nephews, are presently living in the Bungalow. They are Shyamlal (Nasir Hussain), Ramlal (Nana Palsikar) and Ramu. On the eve of Ramlal's daughter Rekha's (Tanuja) return from London, Ramlal is killed in a car accident which is suspected as murder. The suspicion is reinforced when Ramu is found hanging in his bedroom on the same night. Postmortem reports claim he was murdered before being hanged. Shyamlal and Rekha move out of the Bungalow, to their home in the city and live there. However Rekha receives strange phone calls threatening her with death. She meets Mohan Kumar (Mehmood), the president of a local youth club, when he defeats her in a music competition. She soon confides to Mohan about the phone calls and Mohan begins to investigate into the calls. Rekha and Mohan soon fall in love with each other. The climax takes place in the Bungalow when the murderer is revealed to be Kundanlal's child, who vanished into the night with his mother and now is the family doctor of Shyamlal and his family. His mother, Kundanlal's wife who vanished into the night, tells the group that Kundanlal's elder brother, Shyamlal's father, was the one who murdered Kundanlal owing to which her child was avenging his father's death.
Sound Tracks
Title Type Singers Music Directors View Video Lyrics
Aao Twist Kare Ga Utha Mausam Hit Manna Dey, R.D. Burman, View Video View Lyrics
O Mere Pyar Aaja Banke Bahar Aa Ja Hit Lata Mangeshkar, R.D. Burman, View Video View Lyrics
Jago Sone Valo Suno Meri Kahani Hit Kishore Kumar, R.D. Burman, View Video View Lyrics
Ek Sawal Hai Tumse Ye Mera Hit Kishore Kumar, R.D. Burman, View Video View Lyrics
Mai Bhukha Hu Tujhe Khaunga Hit Mehmood, R.D. Burman, View Video View Lyrics