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Format1: DVD
Year Of Release: 1963
Genre: Family Drama
Language: Hindi
139 125
GRAHASTI is a family drama about a family secret which when revealed put to jeopardy the entire family as well as the family of all linked with it. Harishchandra Khanna owned an automobile factory in Delhi while his family stayed in Meerut. He would visit the family on weekends and the entire family would await his home coming every weekend. His family consisted of his wife, his eight children, his sister and her son. Khanna’s eldest daughter was married to Gopal who was still studying on the grounds that the couple would consummate the marriage only after Gopal finished his studies which was after a year. Thus Kamla stayed back at her parents house. His other daughter Kamini was in love with Ravi a professor and station masters son, while Kiran the next one had given her heart to Mohan, the college principals son. Jaggu his newphew was in love with Rekha the principals daughter. When Khanna came to know about this he was very happy, he talked with the concerned parents and set the date for marriages of all the children on a Friday, the day he made his weekend visit. However when the Friday came, Khanna did not arrive in his car, instead another person arrived and the entire family was in a jeopardy as the marriages had to be called off. Who was the person? Why was the marriage called off? What was the secret? Find the answer in GRAHASTI
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