They were not alone: we made the mermaid immortal by draping a garland of youth around her neck!

12 Sep 2016, Monday

ME REN YU (THE MERMAID) is a Science fiction & a fantasy comedy. The film has been directed and Co-produced by Stephen Chow and Produced by Bill Borden. Released on 19th February 2016, it became the highest grossing film in China & garnered a Net box Office Collection of US $ 553.8 Million Worldwide Written By: Hing-Ka Chan & Stephan Cow & produced & distributed by China Film Group Corporation in China, the film stars Chao Deng, Yun Lin, Show Luo, Yuqi Zhang, Pierre Bourdaud in the lead roles. The film tells an interesting story of a socialite businessman who falls in love with a mermaid who was sent to assassinate him.


Ultra Media & Entertainment Private Ltd, a professionally managed Entertainment Conglomerate from India has executed the VFX – Rotoscopy & Paint work for this prestigious film. The in-house talented professionals of the studio used a specialized wire removal & body removal software to give the film the desired effect. There were a total of 30 Roto & paint artists who diligently worked on it for 3 months.


One of the main challenges for the artists was to create a prominent roto necklace around the octopuses neck. The Octopus was one of the most important character in the film who appears at the crucial moments in taking the story ahead. It was imperative that the necklace has to be precisely fitting around its fluid neck with a detailed imagery of its carvings, prominently visible at all times Other than that, due to acute complexity of the character roto shots, the chroma removal task was also challenging and had to be performed frame by frame. Even the paint shots were extremely complex mainly because in major part of the film the entire lower part of the main character has to be removed and replaced using clean plates. To add to it, the constant movement of the camera to capture the characters in continuously moving underwater scenes, made the entire process more difficult. The movement added a lot of blur which made it tough to clean up the adjoining wires and rigs and make it look natural. As a large part of the film is under water, there have been many complex water shots in high speed movements; hence the Post production artists and the supervisors had a major difficulty in sustaining continuity and consistency in the entire film. At the end, the entire project was meticulously executed under the careful supervision by experienced in-house artists in Roto, Paint & Nuke Pipeline departments.


Ultra Media & Entertainment Private Ltd (Est. 1982) has a state of the art in-house studio which is based in the heart of the Mumbai city in India and offers a range of services through their indigenous softwares and latest technologies as follows:

Ultra is a professionally managed Entertainment Conglomerate which provides end to end solutions for the ever expanding films & television Industry globally. The company is also into full-scale film and television production and distribution, digital media and post production services. Today we are the pioneers in Content Acquisition from various production companies worldwide & distribute various media rights of Indian & International films, Television Programs, Animation & other content in various genres & languages and in all formats globally.