Ultra Participates in ATF 2016, Singapore - Day 2

23 Nov 2016, Wednesday

Ultra Digital Studios: an in-house “state of the art” Pre & Post production studio from Ultra Media & Entertainment Private Ltd, provides cutting edge end-to-end solutions to entertainment industry worldwide.

  • We will be exhibiting, demonstrating & representing these services of ours at ATF (Asia TV Forum & Market), which is scheduled from 7th – 9th December 2016 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
  • Ultra has been using the latest technology at par with global standards & In-house software’s to cater to its global clients.
  • It also has been pioneering in the services of Digitization and Restoration to enhance & preserve classic films from all over the globe.
  • Meta tagging will be another important service that Ultra will be offering at ATF this year.

December 2016,Singapore:

Ultra Digital Studios specializes in providing services of Scanning & Digitization, Restoration, 3D Conversion, VFX and other Post Production to the Entertainment Industry globally. It has been specializing in Up-scaling and Digitizing content from SD & HD to 2K & 4K formats. In the recent past, it has up-scaled, digitized, restored & colorized many prominent content worldwide.

Ultra has been a universally trusted partner for enriching various Visual & Audio content. It had been since its inception helping Broadcasters, National Institutions, Content owners and Archivists understand the real threats to their valuable materials and how they can safeguard it for the future use, reference & cultural heritage.

One of the most prestigious Global projects that were executed by Ultra recently was ME REN YU (THE MERMAID) that is a Science fiction & fantasy comedy movie. The in-house talented professionals of the studio used a specialized wire removal & body removal software to give the film the desired effect. There were a total of 50 Roto & paint artists who diligently worked on it for 3 months. As a large part of the film is under water, there have been many complex water shots in high-speed movements; hence the Postproduction artists and the supervisors had a major difficulty in sustaining continuity and consistency in the entire film. At the end, the entire project was meticulously executed under the careful supervision of the experienced in-house artists in Roto, Paint & Nuke Pipeline departments.

Ultra has successfully executed many International projects with its studio services. “A Quite day at the end of the war” and “Keshei” are the two international movies that were restored and colorized in the recent past. It was a tedious process wherein frame-by-frame manual restoration was done, various errors like scratches, pinhole, vertical lines, dropouts, etc. were removed. Both the movies were based on war & had many characters in a single frame. Hence, multiple masking had to be used which was a humongous task to execute..

Arthur and Vampire Dog are the two other international movies that underwent Stereoscopic 3D conversion at Ultra Digital Studios.

In India, Ultra has successfully restored many Indian films. One of them is “Pyaasa”, a timeless Indian cult classic of 1957 starring Guru Dutt, The in-house talented professionals used a specialized film content mending and defect removal mechanism for its repair process. They implemented the best practices to restore this priceless classic. One of the biggest achievements of this gruesome effort was that it was the only Indian film selected for the world premiere in the “Restored Classic Section” competing with 20 other restored films from worldwide for the coveted “ Venice Classics Award” for the best restored film at the 72nd Venice Film Festival.

Other than that, two other popular films “Damini” starring Rishi Kapoor, Meenakshi Sheshadri and Sunny Deol and Aitbaar starring Raj Babbar, Dimple Kapadia were restored by Ultra. The team removed all the dust, green dirt and scratches from the video. Scene cuts problems with stain were also resolved. There was a team of 53 Roto & paint artists that diligently worked on it. Apart from these, many other Indian films were also successfully restored in the studio. It also has executed other timeless masterpieces in various departments like:  Chori Chori (Raj Kapoor), Half Ticket (Kishore Kumar), Paighaam (Dilip Kumar, Raj Kumar), Insaniyat (Dev Anand, Dilip Kumar), Dil tera Deewana (Shammi Kapoor) and many more.

In the past, Ultra Digital Studios had also joined hands with Rajshri Productions to digitize their entire Film Catalogue. It successfully digitized 72 films from their illustrious stable, which in turn helped Rajshri to cost effectively enhance the shelf life of these films and also monetize it globally. 

Ultra Digital Studios have also digitized 20 films of Mukta Arts. They were scanned directly from the negative that was provided by the client.

Ultra Digital Studios is already working with many of the world's leading broadcasters and national institutions to preserve their assets. It has been constantly providing its expertise service to companies around the world and has by far succeeded in digitizing over 1000 films from various source materials. The company has worked on Digitization & Restoration of several projects from Russia, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and India.

Ultra with its in-house experts & technicians offers the following services to its clients :

  • Studio for Dubbing, sound recording, mixing, editing, VFX and other related facilities 
  • Digital Intermediate & Color Grading
  • 2D to 3D Stereoscopic Conversion
  • Digitization in various formats
  • Content Scale Up: from SD to 4K formats
  • Restoration:  Frame by frame Restoration in various formats
  • Colorization from B/W to Colour  
  • Editing, Audio & Sound Engineering
  • Technology and manpower to shoot films in the original 3D format etc.
  • Cameras & technical skill manpower on rent etc.

The studio has a specialized setup for the restoration of various forms of content. Its brand new ARRISCAN Archive System with WETGATE technology offers a multidisciplinary, data-centric approach to the film restoration process. The final outcome of the content using this method ends up looking and sounding much more beautiful & well defined than when they were first seen in their original forms.

The content & texture of Cinema masterpieces, historical documentary films, corporate films and precious video masters are very delicate by nature. They deserve and require a special care of tailor made treatments for their restoration and preservation.

The talented professionals here use a specialized film content mending and defect removal mechanism in their repair process. They carefully select the best way to restore these priceless films and videotape collections to as close as possible to its best quality. They also classify, and preserve them in reliable media formats.

From the boutique purveyor of fine films who just need a Blu-Ray re-master of a cult classic. A large institution looking to preserve their historic film library at 2K or 4K for the future OR A major studio with an upcoming A-Title Anniversary Release who needs an astounding world-class restoration. Ultra is the studio that has the tools, talent and vision to breathe a new life into an old film. Other than the loss of revenue & history for the country a restored content also plays a very vital role in educating young generation on the heritage of their country and culture preservation

Meta tagging is another important feature that we have been offering to our various clients worldwide

For further Information you can also visit: http://www.ultraindia.com/atf-event