Virtual stamp, coin museum will go online this week

24 Apr 2016, Sunday
Mumbai: Later this week a city businessman will launch a web portal that is a virtual museum for collectors of coins, banknotes and stamps in India.

The portal called www.mintageworld.com will be launched on the 25th anniversary of Shukla Day, India's largest display of numismatics, philately and notaphily. This exhibition will be held at the World Trade Centre in Cuffe Parade from April 22-24.
The website is the brainchild of Sushilkumar Agrawal, CEO of Ultra India. He said, "We live in an age when the younger generation spends all its time before a cellphone or computer, mainly on social networking sites. This online museum will reintroduce them to hobbies like stamp and coin collection by giving infomration like where and why a certain coin was minted, its historicity, the material that was used-whether gold or silver-as well as its size and shape and the inscription engraved upon it. A separate section will provide information about new releases in various parts of the world while another section will provide details of coin auctions."