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Year Of Release: 2010
Category: Film
Genre: Children Movie
Language: Hindi
Producer: Children's Film Society Of India
Director: Col. Kapoor
Star Cast: Amlen Panda, Indrapal Singh, Mayank Taneja, Suresh Dutta
Color: Color
Censor Rating: U
Grade: A
Duration: 70mins

Xang Xang Klang is a 70 minutes entertainer, in which an alien from outer space comes to earth, in the guise of an Indian boy called BHOLA, with the deadly mission of assessing whether earth should be destroyed or not, seeing the growing pollution and degradation. He also sees the love and care, laughter and faith and happiness on earth and decides to give us an eleven year grace period. He leaves with a wake-up call to earth “EITHER RESTORE YOUR PLANET TO FULL HEALTH , OR WE WILL ERADICATE IT FROM THE UNIVERSE” BHOLA promises to return after eleven years, hopefully to see a pollution – free earth.

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