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Ek Tha Bhujang

Year Of Release: 2015
Category: Film
Genre: Children Movie
Language: Hindi
Producer: Children's Film Society Of India
Director: Mohinder Pratap Singh
Star Cast: Siddant Gupta, Yashit Duggal
Color: Color
Censor Rating: U
Grade: A
Duration: 73mins

‘Bhujang’ is a story of a 10 years old boy wanting to play the role of Lord Krishna, the hindu GOD, in a school drama. There's only one thing that stops Kabir from getting this role. The fact, that he is a muslim boy. Kabir invents a lie in the form of 'Bhujang', a large snake. How that lie becomes bigger than him and how he faces his fears to get the role is what 'Bhujang' is all about.

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