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Year Of Release: 2020
Category: Film
Genre: Drama
Language: Hindi
Producer: Sushilkumar Agrawal, Rajat Agrawal, Celin Loop, Avt Shankardass
Director: Safdar Rehman
Music Director: Cyrille De Haes
Star Cast: Sunny Pawar, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Gautam Sarkar, Mala Mukherjee
Screenplay: Safdar Rehman
Color: Color
Censor Date: 28/12/2017
Censor Rating: U
Grade: A+
Duration: 1 hr 30 min

Chippa is a heart-warming story of a boy, who on the eve of his tenth birthday receives a letter from his long-absent father. He then decides to leave his pavement abode to find out more. The film spans the length of the single night which tracks the fantastical & eventful journey which Chippa takes to discover the connections to his father.

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