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Hum Baja Bajaa Denge

Year Of Release: 2015
Category: Film
Genre: Thriller
Language: Hindi
Producer: Anup Jalota, Chandra Barot, Deepa Barot
Director: Chandra Barot
Music Director: Nikhil Kamath
Star Cast: Jackie Shroff, Sheeba, Sanam Bakshi, Sohail Khan, Nandini Jumani. Etc
Color: Color
Censor Date: 20.03.2015
Censor Rating: UA
Duration: 2hr 05m

"The film is about two brothers Jai and Neil. Jai is a successful business and wants Neil to join him but Neil is inly interested in music. Neil and his band are selected for a competition but arrive late and get into a a fight with the organisers which gets them bad publicity. They now need Jai's help to back them and he tells Neil that he will help them if they can get onto the front page of newspapers within 24 hours. Now Neil and band get an idea to kidnap the Chirf Minister's daughter Swati so that they become front page news."

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