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Year Of Release: 2019
Category: Film
Genre: Drama
Language: Marathi
Producer: Rohandeep Singh, R.l. Tambe
Director: Pradeep Dalvi
Star Cast: Dr. Vilas Ujawane, Mohan Joshi, Anjali Ujawane, Pradeep Patwardhan, Dipti Dhotre, Megha Ghatge And Others
Color: Color
Duration: 2h 6m

'Dome' means a tribe which works as laborers in the crematorium, setting the dead body on the pyre. Their daily bread is solely dependent on this work. But their new generation, is, however, reluctant to carry on this family tradition. The film, thus presents the conflict between the old generation and new generation in this tribe. This being a universal subject, the film will be participating in various film festivals. Such films, help the people to understand the living conditions of the tribes in the society.

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