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Chori Chori Now in Colour

Format1: DVD
Year Of Release: 1956
Genre: Drama
Language: Hindi
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Chori Chori Kammo lives a very wealthy lifestyle with her widowed multi-millionaire dad, Girhdarilal, who would like her to get married to someone who is not after their wealth. To his dismay, she chooses to marry a pilot named Sumankumar, who is known to womanize and for his greed. When he disapproves, she runs away. He advertises for her safe return and offers to pay Rs.1.25 lakh to the finder. Four days later, Kammo returns and she is not the same anymore; she is more humble, sober, and respectful. Fully appreciative of this, Girdharilal agrees to her marriage to Sumankumar. Just before the marriage, a man named Sagar approaches them — this visit will change their lives forever.
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