Life at Ultra

We are more than just a workspace, We are a family!

Inspire each other to aspire higher

Celebrate Diversity

The workspace at Ultra encourages cultural celebrations inclusive of all the employees and staff. Ultra considers individuals from various walks of life and a range of perspectives.

Celebrate success

The company maintains a mutual relationship with its employees, where their individual growth contributes to the company's overall success.

Celebrate growth

Ultra offers numerous learning opportunities to employees that help them boost their personal and professional growth.

Employee Culture

Flexible Timings

Employees enjoy the flexibility of timings at Ultra. This flexibility helps them balance their personal and professional life. It helps their overall being and provides job satisfaction. It boosts productivity and reduces stress levels.

Celebrations at Ultra

As a part of cultural fitment, Ultra Media celebrates all the festivals and special events with immense enthusiasm. Ultra aims to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere that allows employees to celebrate in a way that aligns with their cultural and personal preferences.

Cultivating work-life balance

To promote work-life balance at Ultra, we do not encourage or support the practice of employees working late hours regularly or staying late at the office after their usual working hours. Encouraging employees to leave the office on time and maintain a reasonable work schedule can help prevent burnout, improve employee well-being, and promote a healthier work-life balance.

Learning Opportunities

Employees at Ultra get different opportunities to learn and grow themselves personally & professionally. They get to explore different job roles including a team leader. It provides them with a scope to brush up on their skills and keep a space for improvisation.