Turning your vision into reality!

Film Production

Turning your vision into reality!

Bollywood always dazzles its audience with the variety of content it offers. Every film genre has its class and an art of storytelling, but have you ever wondered where the ideas come from? How does a movie create history? Well, everything stems from a production house. A film production house is the root of a film, where directors, actors, producers, and distributors put efforts into creating a film. A production house cares for a movie like a newborn baby, nurturing it and allowing it to flourish into a masterpiece.

Ultra Media is a pioneer in the entertainment industry and has been amongst the top movie production companies to achieve massive success since its inception.  We have produced many Hindi, Marathi and Rajasthani movies that have fascinated audiences in India and abroad. Ultra has studios throughout India and excels in all aspects of filmmaking, from casting actors to finalising scripts and financing films.

Making a movie is complex because every department plays a crucial role in its success. Ultra uses advanced technology with a massive workforce to bring life to movies. We are one of the few film production companies that encourage new talents and give them space to mould themselves for a future filled with passion for films. Our expertise extends beyond film production; we also excel in film post-production. It is rooted in our strong belief in the saying, “bear fruit.”

The content we create appeals to everyone. In recent times, many independent film companies have readily agreed to collaborate with us to make movies that inspire, thrill and create magic with the audience. Not only that, our production house also builds strong relationships with unconventional mediums with bright ideas to revolutionise cinema.