• Action
  • Romantic
  • Hindi
  • 2005
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chalak 2005

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Action, Romantic
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Ultra Presents
  • Director - Raj N. Sippy

Cast - Divya Diwedi,Rinku Ghosh,Vikrant Mahajan


Duration - 1:33:38

Type - Color

Grade - B


Chalak Is A Suspense Drama Woven Around Crime, Greed, Passion, Sex And Lies Leading To A Very Unexpected Climax. Kaajal Is The Young, Rich, Heiress To Millions, However Her Stepmother Babita Controls All Her Finances. Kaajal Has A Crush On Her Male Teacher, Sanjay. Once When She Is Alone, She Invites Sanjay Home, But Later Accuses Him Of Rape. Kaajal And Her Stepmother, Babita File A Police Complaint Which Is Recorded By Inspector Rajveer. Sanjay, Manages To Bail Himself Out, But Babita Is Not Yet Ready To Forget The Incident Nor Forgive Sanjay. Later, Dolly A Drug Addict Accuses Sanjay Of Sexual Abuse. Sanjay Hires Shukla, A Prominent Lawyer Who Proves Him Innocent In The Court And Once Again Sanjay Is Set Free. However, Rajveer, Is Not Convinced With The Turn Of Events And Decides To Pursue Further Investigation On His Own. What Follows Is An Amazing Tale Of Greed, Sex And Lies. Was Rajveer Able To Reach To Any Conclusion During His Investigation? What Is It That Drives These Characters To Draw Swords Against Each Other? Who Is The Brain Behind These Incidents And What Is The Motive?

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