Aadmi Sadak Ka

  • Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1977
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aadmi sadak ka 1977

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Drama
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Devendra Goel
  • Director - Devendra Goel


Cast - Shatrughna Sinha, Zajerra

Screenplay - Mushtaq Jalili


Duration - 2h 37m

Type - Color


The Nath Family Consists Of Retired Commissioner Upendra, His Wife, Savitri; Elder Son, Madan, Who Is Married To Maya, And They Have A Son, Ashoo; A Second Son - Surendra, Who Is Married To Kamla, And They Have A Daughter, Pinky; A Third Unmarried College-Going Son, Chander; And A School-Going Daughter, Namrata. Their'S Is A Happy Family, And Everyone Rejoices When Chander Completes His M.A.. There Is More To Rejoice When Chander Introduces Them To The Woman He Loves, Vandana, The Only Daughter Of Wealthy Mr. Tandon. The Marriage Is Arranged With Great Pomp And Ceremony, Attended By The Family Friend, Abdul, Who Home-Delivers Groceries. Before The Marriage Could Be Solemnized, Upendra Gets News That He Has Lost His Court Case, And Passes Away. The Wedding Is Canceled, And The Lives Of The Entire Nath Family Changes Thereafter, With Kamla And Maya Taking Over The Household, Reducing Savitri To The Status Of An Unwanted Guest, While Namrata Is Asked To Become The Servant And Unable To Complete Her Education, And Chander, Who Rebels, Is Asked To Leave. Vandana'S Dad Comes To Know Of Their Plight And Refuses To Permit His Daughter To Get Married In The Nath Family. Chander Moves In With Abdul, Gets A Job As A Waiter, Then He Is Promoted As Manager, And Finally As Partner And Co-Owner Of The Francis Hotel. Unable To Get Medication, Savitri Passes Away, Forcing Namrata To Move In With Abdul As Well. Madan And Surendra Also Find Success When They Buy Their Own Hotel And Name It 'Gulmohar Hotel'. With Chander On One Hand, And His Two Siblings On The Other - They Are Now Poised To Compete With Each Other - Not Knowing Who Will Win In This Cut-Throat Competition - As They Set Out To Destroy Each Other.