Audio Engineering

Audio Engineering

Ultra offers digital audio restoration wherein different noises and disturbances in the audio tracks are digitally corrected to get a clean output. Ultra uses the latest hardware and software, such as Cube-Tec, Pro Tools, and Nuendo, for improvised techniques to remove all sorts of problems in sound.

We offer audio restoration and engineering services to take care of various problems that occur in sound outputs.

  • Reduce jitter and provide stable output.
  • Reduce timing errors and noises mainly originating from machineries.
  • Reduce Impluse noises.
  • Reduce random video noises in spatial and temporal domain.
  • Reduce different types of noises originated in video content during production, post-production, storage and transfer.

The studio is also equipped with facilities to transfer all formats of sound material in order to create a Stereo and/or 5.1/7.1 Surround Sound from the existing audio source.