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At Ultra Media & Entertainment, we thrive on boundless creativity, passion for entertainment, and collaborative synergy. Our diverse team celebrates imagination and innovation, connecting deeply with our audience to deliver quality content. We use technology and promote inclusivity while maintaining high ethical standards. Our culture fosters employee well-being and community engagement. We're more than just an entertainment company; we're a dynamic culture that inspires and entertains globally.

HR Manager
Jyoti Panda

Throughout my journey while heading the HR function at Ultra, I've discovered the power of aligning my personal principles with my professional aspirations.
With extensive experience and a solid academic background in HR management, my unwavering commitment to values such as respect, empathy, and positivity not only shapes my recruitment strategy, where transparency and the pursuit of exceptional talent take center stage but also fuels my ongoing self-development and quest for profound wisdom. My ultimate goal is to integrate these values into both my professional and personal life, striving to create a positive impact.

Sr. Manager Youtube and Web
Jacob A

I joined Ultra in the year 2005, and it has been an incredible journey ever since. Working at Ultra, an industry leader in entertainment, has been a rewarding experience. My tenure at Ultra has been marked by continuous growth and learning. I've had the opportunity to gain valuable experience while taking on increasingly challenging roles and responsibilities; exposure to new assignments and technology with the freedom to excel.

Ultra Jhakaas OTT Manager
Venkat Garapati

First of all, I am immensely grateful to the management for providing me with the opportunity to work with Legacy Company, Ultra Media and Entertainment. The chance to lead and build the OTT platform 'Ultra Jhakaas' has been instrumental in helping me discover my true professional self and unlock my potential. Throughout this process, I have learned to leverage my strengths, confront my weaknesses, and adapt to the dynamic workplace environment. It has been a quest for identity and purpose, where every challenge has become an opportunity to push my limits and unearth untapped potential. I am extremely pleased that I was able to transform the management's vision into a remarkable product and platform. Moreover, on this journey, I have had the privilege of mentoring many young professionals and watching them blossom into highly skilled individuals.

Social Media Manager
Swati Parihar

Ultra not only gave me the opportunity to showcase my skills but also provided a platform to scale the same. It's been a great journey of professionalism and having a career path for myself. So ya! it's a place where I got to balance my professional and personal life well.

Music Manager
Mahendra Shah

Working at Ultra is education in itself. You get plenty of opportunities to learn and develop yourself. I am blessed to have a wonderful team of professionals to lead and to be mentored by Sushil Sir, Sumit Sir and Arvind Sir. It has been a pleasure to work at Ultra “Our own company.”

Studio Manager
Rakesh Singh

I joined Ultra in the year 2006, and it has been an amazing experience working with the company. I started my career at Ultra with Film Restoration and had a chance to explore my skills in Film Colorisation and Digitisation of Physical Negatives as well. Ultra had the first ARRISCAN Scan XT in India, and I am grateful to have worked on it. Ultra granted me the opportunity to utilise my skills in the best possible way. It’s an immense pleasure working at Ultra, where I have been able to gain recognition at the National Film Archive of India.

Our everyday Approach at work

Team Collaboration
At Ultra, team collaboration enhances everyday work by fostering open communication, sharing diverse perspectives, and combining skills to solve problems efficiently. It boosts creativity, productivity, and overall job satisfaction, leading to better outcomes and a more positive workplace environment.
Discussions at work facilitate knowledge sharing, problem-solving, and consensus building. They promote better decision-making, alignment with goals, and a more informed and engaged workforce, ultimately improving everyday work processes and outcomes.
Team Building
Team building enhances everyday work by fostering trust, cooperation, and cohesion among team members. It improves communication, morale, and collaboration. It also enhances productivity, creativity, and the ability to overcome challenges together.
Goal Oriented Work
A goal-oriented approach at work helps individuals focus on analyzing problems and creating solutions. Every organization faces challenges, so being able to focus and come up with thoughtful solutions allows you to contribute better at work.