Aladdin & The Wonderful Lamp

  • Mythological
  • Hindi
  • 1952
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aladdin the wonderful lamp 1952

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Mythological
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Basant Pictures
  • Director - Homi Wadia

Music - S. N. Tripathi

Cast - B.M. Vyas,Mahipal,Meena Kumari


Duration - 2:24:28

Grade - B+

Censor Rating - U


Guided By The Tilasmi Chamakdhar, Magician Hikmat Goes In Search Of The Pure-Hearted Man With 21 Moles. This Man Is None Other Than Aladdin, Son Of Mustafa Tailor. At The Inn Of Ramoochacha, After Having Won A Bet In A Trial Of Strength With Hashim Beg, We Find Him Enraged At The Unjust Firman To The Citizens To Remain Indoors During The Procession Of The Princess To The Royal Palace. Lured By Hashim He Agrees To Defy The Order, Watch The Princess Badr-Ul Badar And Come Back To Describe To All The Details Of Her Costume And Her Beauty. But When He Returns To The Inn, He Decides To Speak Anything About Her Having Been Struck By Her Innocence And Beauty. . Nazim Beg, The Son Of Vazier Masood Beg And Fiance Of The Princess Contrives To Get Aladdin Arrested And Condemned To Whipping And Exile On The Filmsy Pretext Of Having Beaten The Sultans Horse Al Hamil. . Hikmat Who Has Chanced To Come Up Realise That Aladdin Is The Man He Was Search Of Succeeds, In Taking Him To The Rukhnama Chetan For Obtaining The Magic Lamp. . When Aladdin Finds It, He Would Not Hand It Over To Hikmat Who In Anger Rubs The Lamp Accidently. The Slave Of The Lamp, A Jinn Appears And Brings Him Back To His House. . Aladdins Mother And Companion Fakhroo Are Amazed To Learn The Good Fortune That Has Befalled Aladdin Who Now Changes The Modest Residence Into A Stately Mansion. . In The Darbar, The Sultan Announced The Date Of The Marriage Of His Daughter Nazim. Aladdin Dares To Appear Before All And Challenges Nazim To A Duel. . The Princess Who Has Already Fallen In Love With A Aladdin Is Worried And Sends Her Companion Sufia To Aladdin With A Request That He Should Not Fight Nazim Who Will Be Having A Poisoned Sword In His Hand. But Aladdin Laughs Her Out. Accidentally He Finds Out That The Real Sultan Is A Prisoner In The Hands Of The Wily Vazier And It Is The Uspreper Who Has Been Ruling In His Name. . In The Duel, Aladdin Overpowers Nazim, Kills The Vizier And Then Restores The Real Sultan To The Throne. Nazim Is Ordered Into Exile And Aladdin Is Married To Badr-Ul Badar. . Aladdin Orders The Jinn To Build A Magnificent Palace And Lives Happily With His Beloved. . Once When Aladdin Has Gone A - Hunting, Macician Hikmat Succceeds In Obtaining The Lamp Exchanging The Old Lamp For A New One. Hikmat Orders The Jinn To Take The Princess And The Palace Into The Jungle Of Bohran. When Aladdin Returns, He Is At Once Arrested On A Charge O F Playing False With The Sultan. But By The Help Of The Magic Ring He Succeeds In Finding The Princess Whom He Now Advises To Pretend To Be In Love With Hikmat. . Hikmat Is Elated Beyond Words To Find The Change In The Princess Who, After A Spectuacual Dance, Pourse Poison In Hikmats Wine Glass. Hikmat Dies Of The Poison. The Tilasmi Chmkdhar Appears, Blesses Aladdin For Having Saved His Soul And Disappears. . But Just As Aladdin And The Princess Plant To Return To The Sultan, The Exiled Nazim Turns Up. He Challenges Aladdin To A Straight Fight With Him Without Recourse To The Magic Lamp. Aladdin Accepts The Challenge And Kills Nazim Also. . In The End We See The Jinn Carrying The Palace In His Hands With Victrious Lovers And Their Friend Sufia And Fakhroo Flying All Over The Sky And The Kingdom Of The Sultan.