• Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1953
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Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Drama
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Devendra Goel
  • Director - Devendra Goel


Cast - Kamini Kaushal, Om Prakash, S.K. Prem, Ramesh Kapoor

Screenplay - Devendra Goel, S.K. Prem


Duration - 1h 52m

Type - Color


Widower Ashok Lives A Wealthy Lifestyle In Bombay, India, Along With His Son, Kishore, His Paternal Aunt, A Maid-Servant, Chanda, And Three Other Employees. He Makes A Living Running An Export-Import Business Near Flora Fountain. One Day Unattended Kishore Runs Away, A Frantic Ashok Complains To The Police And Puts Up A Reward Of A Thousand Rupees. A Young Woman Named Asha, Who Lives A Poor Lifestyle, All By Herself, Finds Kishore, Brings Him To The Police Station, Where He Is Picked Up By Ashok And Taken Home. Asha Refuses To Take Any Reward Money. Shortly Thereafter Ashok Advertises For The Position Of A Governess, Asha Applies, Is Hired, And Moves In To Live With Them. Soon She And Ashok Fall In Love, Much To The Chagrin Of Ashok'S Aunt, Who Wants Him To Marry Her Niece. Ashok Gets Married With Asha Nevertheless, The Family Live In Harmony, And Asha Gives Birth To A Male Child, Munna. Thereafter Ashok Is Told That Asha Is Neglecting Kishore; A Necklace That Was Inexpensive, But A Good Omen For Kishore Goes Missing, And Is Subsequently Found On Munna'S Bed; And A Cat Dies After Drinking Poisoned Milk That Was Meant For Kishore. An Angered Ashok Blames Asha And Asks Her To Leave, And She Picks Up Munna And Leaves. The Question Remains: Did Asha Really Neglect, Steal And Then Try To Kill Kishore Merely Because She Became A Mother Herself Or Was There Some Other Unknown Reason(S)?