Labad Kuthali

  • Comedy
  • Marathi
  • 2006
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labad kuthali 2006

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Comedy
  • Language - Marathi


  • Producer - Ultra Presents
  • Director - Bhagwant Deshpande

Music - Taygeraj Khadilkar

Cast - Ashok Shinde,Nilam Shirke,Atul Parchure,Pushkar Shroti,Suhas Parajape,Niyate Rajwade,Arun Nalavade


Type - Color

Grade - B+


A Rich Man'S Daughter'S Makes Love Marriage Without Her Father'S Consent. But When Her Father Arrives To See Her Daughter'S Happily Married Life. How She Tries To Make Him Feel That Her Husband Is Rich And How She Falls In Her Own Trap Is The Story Of Labaad Kutli

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