Hara Sindoor (75 Episodes)

  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Hindi
  • 2022
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hara sindoor (75 episodes) 2022

Other Information

  • Categories - Non-Film , Tv shows
  • Genre - Drama, Romance
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Keylight
  • Director - Kamal Monga

Cast - Jaya Bhattacharya, Bhumika Gurung, Ankit Gera, Saksham Arya


Type - Color


Haroli, one such village which is not yet on the map of India. Here reigns Amma ji, a dictator who is wielding all the power in the name of tradition. Rani, an ordinary girl and a devotee of Amma ji , has to stand against her own hymn for liberating the people of the village from Amma ji.