Raja Aur Rancho (179 Episodes)

  • Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1997
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raja aur rancho (179 episodes)

Other Information

  • Categories - Non-Film , Tv shows
  • Genre - Drama
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Murali Nallappa
  • Director - Murali Nallappa

Cast - Ved Thapar And A Monkey


Duration - 23m

Type - Color

Grade - A


It Requires Just Pure Honesty To Motivate Raja To Get Cracking Into Any Complicated Mystery; And His Ever Faithful Partner Rancho (The Wonder Monkey) Is Instantly Ready To Follow The Footsteps Of His Master With Vital Clues And His Characteristics Observations. However Thick The Mystery, However Clever The Opponent, Raja And Rancho Know Just How To Unravel The Truth From The Most Eluding Forces Of Falsehood. Always Ready To Help Honest Friends And Root Out Evil, Raja And Rancho Travel Through A Wide Cross Section Of Characters, Experiences And Locales To Provide The Richest Fare In Crime Bursting, Pulsating With Human Emotions. Designed As A Simple And Racy Entertainer For Viewers Of All Age Groups, It Attempts To Capture The Intriguing World Of Machination, Conman Ship And Deceit And The Fascination Process Of How Our Heroes Set About Defeating The Rivals Each Time.