Dive into a world of Marathi excellence with Ultra Jhakaas

  • October 18, 2023
  • Ultra Team

Our aim is to make Marathi entertainment available to every user.

Ultra Jhakaas” is a new Marathi OTT platform by Ultra Media & Entertainment. It offers a vast library of Marathi and dubbed Hollywood and South Indian content. With user-friendly features, it caters to tech-savvy viewers worldwide. The platform provides a seamless viewing experience on various devices. Subscription plans are cost-effective, ensuring accessibility for all. Whether it’s exclusive premieres or original productions, Ultra Jhakaas promises non-stop entertainment. Downloadable content and personalized profiles enhance the user experience. Embrace a new era of premium Marathi entertainment!

Indiantelevision.com in an email interaction spoke to Sushilkumar Agrawal, a first-generation entrepreneur,  the CEO of Ultra Media & Entertainment Group, a professionally managed entertainment conglomerate which currently provides end-to-end solutions for the film & television industry globally.

Edited Excerpts

On the launch of  Ultra Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

Ultra Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. was launched on the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa in 1982. It Is a professionally managed Indian Entertainment Conglomerate providing end-to-end solutions to the film and television industry globally. Today the company pioneer in the production, acquisition and distribution of various forms of content in terms of Indian and international films, television programs, animation & other forms of content across various languages & genres. They specialise in distributing this in various existing physical, non-physical, digital and emerging formats globally. Ultra currently has an exhaustive library consisting of more than 1,500 titles comprising blockbuster Indian and international films, television serials and other content.

On the types of content that will be available on “Ultra Jhakaas”

Ultra Jhakaas is steadfast in its commitment to delivering top-notch content and ensuring a seamless viewing experience for its audience. The platform offers a diverse array of Marathi films, TV series, music, comedy, cookery shows, kids animation, crime, nataks & other engaging content. Currently, the platform is offering 2000 hours of content, with continuous addition of new content regularly. It is India’s first OTT platform to exclusively stream Hollywood Blockbusters & South Indian films across all languages, dubbed in Marathi. We have had one lakh plus downloads to date & are currently enjoying 45,000 to 50,000 monthly active users. Five people in a household can simultaneously watch the entire content slate of Ultra Jhakaas for less than one rupee per year.

On Ultra Jhakaas’ plan to premiere Marathi films

On average, we premiere one new Marathi film every two weeks. Every week we stream a new Marathi film which has already had its theatrical release. We provide something for everyone, whether it is a blockbuster critically acclaimed film or a family drama. These premiere films as well as the new films are either extensively produced in-house by Ultra Group or acquired by us from other production houses. Our programming department does the due diligence and ensures that all films that we stream on our platform are spread across various genres at regular intervals hence ensuring that there is no fatigue syndrome for our viewers

On  the subscription pricing for “Ultra Jhakaas” and the available plans

Our subscription plan costs less than one rupee per day for the entire family. Currently, we also have a specially discounted plan charging Rs. 299 per year. Additionally, we provide a monthly subscription plan priced at Rs. 59 and also a quarterly subscription plan priced at Rs. 149 allowing viewers to enjoy our premium content at a budget-friendly rate.

On the number of  accounts that can be created under a single login on “Ultra Jhakaas”

Our platform offers a unique feature that allows you to create up to five accounts under a single login. Each offers a personalised experience complete with features such as watch lists, continue-watching lists, downloads, and tailored recommendations. Even when you’re offline, you can continue to enjoy our content. By simply downloading your favourite content in your preferred resolution, you also have the freedom to manage your storage and enjoy our offerings at your convenience. For easy access, the Ultra Jhakaas app is now available for download on both the Play Store for Android users and the App Store for Apple users.

On the genres of content that will be featured on the platform

We stream content across various genres & subgenres ranging from action, drama, comedy, romance, cookery, kids’, crime & theatres. Additionally, it features exclusive original programming crafted for the audience. We also have kept in mind that accessibility is a priority, hence the platform is designed to be compatible with all major devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

On the measures that  Ultra Jhakaas has in place for viewers to enjoy content offline

Our aim is to make Marathi entertainment available to every user, whether he/she is in a semi-urban place, town or a remote place. The users who stay in places where there is poor connectivity and users who travel to low connectivity areas need not worry about missing out on watching their favourite movie, show or series. We have a download feature which allows the users to download their favourite content as per the resolution they want and their network bandwidth. Users can watch any content even when there is no internet.

On the key business segments of Ultra Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

We specialise in the acquisition and distribution of various media rights, encompassing films, television programs, animation, and more, in Hindi, English, and several regional languages. Our services extend to both the production and distribution of feature films, TV serials, and diverse content. Moreover, we excel in exporting and distributing content to overseas countries. We also offer 2D to 3D stereoscopic conversion services for feature films, animation, television programs, video formats, advertisements, corporate films, and more. Ultra Digital Studio also offers end-to-end facilities with the latest technology and equipment to cater to the post-production requirements of the entertainment industry globally. Additionally, we engage in the creation of 3D lenticulars, soft toys, and various other forms of merchandising.

On  the hybrid model of Ultra Jhakaas, combining both AVOD and SVOD formats

The hybrid model is designed with the objective of accommodating a broader audience base by offering flexibility in content consumption. Within this model, some users may be inclined to accept advertisements in return for free access, while others may opt for a premium, ad-free experience and are willing to subscribe for it. Hence, we are offering tailor-made solutions for our discerning viewers.

On the plans for streaming live events and Marathi theatre plays on the platform

Our team has dedicated immense effort to craft a platform that provides an outstanding viewing experience to our users. We already have the bandwidth of experienced manpower & latest technology coupled with a state-of-the-art post-production facility. We are well-equipped and will stream interesting live events & plays directly from the venue. It will be shot with multiple cameras & skilled technical manpower. We will provide seamless & high-quality audio & visual quality content of the actual event & which will be streamed live or deferred from our viewers, depending upon the nature of the event.

On the key features that sets Ultra Jhakaas apart from other OTT platforms

What truly distinguishes Ultra Jhakaas is its unique set of features. Despite being a regional OTT platform, we offer features that are at par with global and international OTT platforms, setting us apart from other regional OTT platforms. Our other standout feature is continuity, enabling users to seamlessly transition between devices and pick up where they left off, regardless of the device. Lastly, our download feature allows users to download movies and series, ensuring they can enjoy their favourite content without interruption, even in areas with network connectivity challenges. We are majorly being viewed across all the Cities and towns in Maharashtra. Our 30 per cent of Consumption comes from beyond Cities, hence cutting across the Society Strata.