Kora Badan

  • Adult
  • Hindi
  • 2003
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Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Adult
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Shakuntala
  • Director - Kishan Shah

Cast - Ali Khan.,Jr. Amitabh,Nisha Kamat,Satnam Kaur


Type - Color

Grade - C

Censor Rating - A


This Is A Story Of Man Name Ravi (Firoz) Who Is Going To Marry A Girl Called Gauri (Reena). Rani'S Mama (Vinod Tripathi) & Mami (Radha) Arranged Ravis Wedding With Gauri. But Gauri Is Still A Chil And Doesn?T Understand The Meaning Of Shadi And Pati. Meantime Ravi Attracted Towards Bijli (Satnam Kaur). Ravi Goes From Village And Also Takes Bijli With Him. In Village Mama, Mami And Gauri'S Mother (Lujana) Are In Tension And Afterwords Gauri Comes To Know About Shadi And Pati. So She Is Wating For Ravi. In City Bijli Attracted Towards A Young Boy (Rajesh) And After Few Days Their Affair Starts When Ravi Knows About This He Wants To Slap Bijli But Bijli Left Him And Goes To His New Boyfriend. Mama & Mami Comes To City To Find Ravi. But After Realising Ravi Comes Back To Village To His Wife Gauri.