Sone Ki Chidiya

  • Romantic
  • Hindi
  • 1958
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sone ki chidiya 1958

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Romantic
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Ismat Chughtai
  • Director - Shaheed Latif

Music - O. P. NAYYAR

Cast - Balraj Sahni,Mehmood Ali Khan ,Nutan


Type - Color

Grade - B+

Censor Rating - U


The Orphaned Lakshmi (Nutan), Unwanted By Either Of Her Two Aunts, Suddenly Becomes A Film Star. Her Relatives Now Vie With Each Other To Exploit Her New-Found Earning Capacity. Lakshmi Falls In Love With Amar, A Gossip Journalist (Mahmood), Who Ditches Her When He Realises That Lakshmis Wealth Is Controlled By Her Greedy Family. On The Point Of Sommitting Suicide, Lakshmi Hears The Hope Filled Song Raat Bahr Ka Yeh Mehmaan Andhera [Darkness Is Only A Guest For The Night] (Written By Ludhianvi And Sung By Mohammed Rafi) And Meets The Radical Poet Shrikant (Sahni) Whom She Has Idolised For Years. After A Long Digression Stigmatising The Way The Film Industry Exploits Its Workface, Shrikant Falls In Love With Lakshmi, But When Lakshmis Brother Offer Him Money To Abandon Her, He Accepts The Money And Donates It To The Juniour Artists Fund. Lakshmi, Believing Herself Betrayed Yet Again, Realises The Truth Only At The End Of The Film When She Rejoins Shrikant To The Refrain Of The New Dawn Song. Writer And Producer Chuhat Contrasts The Popular Cinemas Romanticised Narratives (Of The Softfocus Film-With-The-Film Song Between Amar And Lakshmi) With The Hard-Edged Reality Of Industrial Exploitation Undepinning Them: The Saiyan Jab Se Ladi Tori Akhiyan Song Is Rapidly Follwoed By The Documentary-Type Junior Artists Episode. Sahnis Imposing Presence Enchances The Films Realist Aspirations, E.G. When He Reads His Poem To A Bored Producer Or When He Discovers The Reality Beneath The Industrys Glamour.

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