A. M. I.

  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • English
  • 2019
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a. m. i. 2019

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Horror, Thriller
  • Language - English


  • Director - Rusty Nixon

Cast - Debs Howard, Philip Granger, Bonnie Hay, Sam Robert Muik, Veronica Hampson, Havana Guppy, Lori Triolo, Laura Mitchell


Duration - 1h 17m

Type - Color

Grade - A+


A young woman named Cassie has become a recluse ever since her mother died in a horrible car accident. In an effort to fill the void, she downloads the latest intelligent personal assistant A.M.I., which is also the first to have a real consciousness. Their relationship quickly deepens into a twisted co-dependency and Cassie falls deeper and deeper under A.M.I.'s spell; driving her to perform what Cassie perceives as justifiable murderous acts. But what are A.M.I.'s true intentions? Soon Cassie begins to realize A.M.I. has something sinister planned.

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