Baghdad Ka Jadoo

  • Family Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1956
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Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Family Drama
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - Basant Pictures
  • Director - Jaan Kawas

Music - Shafi Nagri

Cast - Fearless Nadia,Krishna Kumari,Ratan Kumar


Duration - 1:56:21

Type - Black And White

Grade - B+

Censor Rating - U


Khalifa Proclaims A Reward For The Capture Of Yasmina, The Notorious Dacoit Of Baghdad. A Gypsy Named Kassim Decides To Earn The Reward. But His Sister, Zarina, Failing To Wean Him Away Goes And Informs Yasmina And Salim. Both Follow Kassim To The Palace And Eacesdrop His Talk With Khalifa. The Guards See Them And Attack Them Khalifa And Vizier Suspect Kassim Of Foul Play, And Give Orders To Hang Him Yasmin And Salim Go In Disguise And Save Kassim. Khalifa Gets Angry With The Vizier, Who Promises To Capture The Dacoits Before The Wedding Day Of The Princess. . On The Day Of The Betrothal Of The Princess, Pirncess From Distant Lands Come To The Palace. Among Them Is Yasmina Disguised As The Prince Of The Sea. The Princess Falls In Love With Him, And Publicily Declares Her Desire To Marry Him. The Vizier Tells The Sultan Not To Worry And Goes And Snatches Yasminas Turban. The Princes Are Astounded. Khalifa Gets A Heart Attack. The Vizier Gives Him Poison And Puts The Blame On Yasmina Adding That There Is No Cure. Yasminas Father Says There Is A Remedy, "Shajrehayat". The Princess Declares That She Will Marry The Preson Who Brings The Cure. Yasmina Accepts The Challenge. She Is Told That If She Did Not Bring The Leaves In The Afternoon Of Next Day, All Her Companions Would Be Put To Death. . When Yasmina Departs, The Sultan Plans To Kil Her On The Way. Salim Fioils His Plan. Yasmina Gets The Leaves And Comes In Time To Save Khalifas Life And Her Companions. The Sultan Makes The Princess And Khalifa Prisoners. Yasmina Fights. Salim With His Companies Attacks The Palace. The Sultan Runs Way With The Princess In The "Uran Khatola". Yasmina And Salim Jump Into The Uran Khatola. In The Fight The Sultan Is Killed.

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