Bahut Din Huwe

  • Drama
  • Family
  • Hindi
  • 1954
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bahut din huwe 1954

Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Drama, Family
  • Language - Hindi


  • Producer - G.K. Seshagiri | S.S. Vasan
  • Director - S. S. Vasan


Cast - Lalita Pawar,Madhubala ,Ratan Kumar


Duration - 2:48:09

Type - Black And White

Grade - B+

Censor Rating - U


A King And His Wife Are Childless. The Queen Prays To Naag Dev And Is Blessed With A Girl Child But On Condition That The Queen Will Have To Sacrifice Her Life After 10 Days Of The Child'S Birth. When The Time Comes, The Queen Procrastinates. On That Day Naag Dev Bites The Queen And She Dies. The Second Queen Who Is Jealous Of The Princess, Conspires To Assassinate The Princess But The Kidnappers Leave The Princess In The Forest. A Priest Finds The Girl And Christens Her As Chandrakanta. When She Grows Up, The Prince Of A Certain State Meets Chandrakanta Anad Falls In Love With Her. They Get Married & Give Birth To A Boy. One Day An Evil Magician, Bhadra Chamund, Loses His Heart To Chandrakanta And Kidnaps Her. The King Conquers Bhadra Chamund'S State But Bhadra Chamund Turns All Of Them Into Stones By His Magic Powers. Chandrakanta'S Son Grows Up To Take Revenge On Bhadra Chamund. He Overpowers The Latter And Changes Him Into A Parrot.

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