Batti Gul Powerful

  • Comedy
  • Marathi
  • 2009
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Other Information

  • Categories - Film
  • Genre - Comedy
  • Language - Marathi


  • Director - Mahesh Deshpande

Cast - Makarand Anaspure, Bhushan Kadu, Jyoti Joshi, Prakash Dhotre, Sheetal Shukla


Duration - 2h 02m

Type - Color


A remote village has load shedding problem Kishya runs an electronic shop which repairs all kinds of electric devices his friend Gajya spends most of his time in his shop and behind girls and gets beaten up all the time.Kishya meets Varsha and falls in love but some misunderstandings arrive between them and they part ways he then along with Gajya goes to find his missing money in fields and finds an electronic device. they take the device to his shop and notice that the device operates only near Kishya and he feels he has some vibes in his body but suddenly it changes its movements and goes towards Gajya and Kishya notices that it was because of the mobile phone.Kishya then uses this technique by making a chip to find trace buffalo's of village who go missing during stroll and succeed's. Varsha to patches up with him but then Kishya tries to misuse the device by telling villagers that its a lie detector machine this does not go well with Varsha and she decides never to see him again that's when Kishya tries to make better use of the device with his knowledge to resolve load shedding problem in his village.